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Code Enforcement / Housing


The warm weather is here and it’s time to get outside and SPRING CLEAN.

The Code Enforcement Office would like to bring to your attention some of the top violations and ask that you take the time to CLEAN up your property to avoid a violation letter or summons for noncompliance:

1. Junk/unregistered Vehicles – Any vehicle that is not legally registered, missing license plates, has flat tires, broken windows, or may be being used for storage of materials of all types.

2. High Grass and Weeds – Overgrown grass and weeds, overgrown and/or dead shrubs, dead and/or dying trees that may cause a safety hazard to the public. The grass along the curb & sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner to be maintained.

3. Unfiltered Pools and Ponds – Pools and ponds must be actively filtered when filled with water to prevent the spread of mosquitoes.

4. Parking of Vehicles on Lawn – Vehicles can not be parked on front lawns.

5. Parking of Trailers, Boats, Campers, and Buses on streets are prohibited.

6. Unlicensed Dogs and Cats – All dogs and cats must be licensed. The maximum limit is three dogs and three cats per household. The leash law applies to both dogs and cats.

7. Fences shall be maintained in good repair. – “Good repair” meaning but not limited to erect, no broken pieces, no holes, and no peeling paint.

The Code Enforcement Office would like to thank all of the residents, who may have received violations, for their cooperation in correcting any violations or complaints that were received by our office. We appreciate your efforts in helping to keep Lindenwold clean and looking good. After all, a property that is full of junk storage, trash, junk vehicles, high grass, and unfiltered pools, affect your community. Not only in quality of life issues, but these violations also depreciate your property value.

To report a violation or to file a complaint, please contact the Code Enforcement
Office at 856-783-2121 ext. 248 (9:00am-4:00pm)

Reminder: State Regulations requires any pool over 24” deep must apply for a
Permit as well as maintaining proper fencing requirements.
This includes inflatable pools